Drinking Games

Drinking Games Without Cards

Don’t have a deck of cards lying around? No problem, check out these games to have a great time regardless.

Best Drinking Games

Collection of the most popular drinking games.

Active Drinking Games

Less talk, more drinking. These games will get people moving off their seat and into action.

Beer Games

Grab a beer and get ready to have a blast.

Drinking Games for 2

You and a friend wanna have a great time? Look no further. We have you both covered!

Drinking Card Games

Grab a deck of cards and some drinks, the funs about to begin!

Social Drinking Games

Feel like relaxing? These games allow you to sit down and play for when you get tired of moving around.

Party Drinking Games

Throwing a party? Check out these drinking games to give your guests the best time.

Shots Drinking Games

Ready to get plastered? Grab a bottle of liquor and prepare to take some shots.

All Drinking Games

Collection of all the drinking games to get the party started.

Random games

Try out these fun games and you’ll be sure to have a great time. 

Arrive alive, don’t drink and drive.

Yes No Maybe Drinking Game

“Yes, No, Maybe” is a drinking game that deals with creative questions and answers. Only one thing is important: Answers can’t be yes, no or maybe. Otherwise, you drink…

Sam Yuk Gu (3, 6, 9) Drinking Game

Sam Yuk Gu is a Korean drinking game that does not require any materials. All you have to do is count. And we can all do that since the first grade, right?

This drinking game is all about good concentration…

Kings Cup

One of the more popular drinking games that can easily be played with a deck of cards. Who will be the lucky person to be awarded the king’s cup with all its glory…

Beer Pong

Possibly the most popular drinking game in the world, and for good reason. Show off your shooting and drinking skills while playing solos or teams to become the beer pong champion…

Most Likely

Inherited from the game Most Likely To, this game adds a drinking twist to the original. Fun to play with your best friends or new people you just met to get to know them better…

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