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Fun Drinking Games and Drinking Game Ideas for 2021

Please drink responsibly and save lives by choosing not to drink and drive!

Most Popular Drinking Games

Liven things up and take your party or get together to the next level with these drinking games. These fun drinking games have withstood the test of time and rightfully earned their spots at the top! 

Drinking Games Without Cards

You don't need a deck of cards to have a good time, check out these fun drinking games without cards that can be played with minimal materials and still do the job!

Seven Drinking Game

Seven, or sevens, is a simple but fun drinking game that can be played at your party or gathering without any extra effort or materials. The more people that play and drink, the higher the chance someone will mess up...
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Roxanne Drinking Game

Very easy to play drinking game that is sure to get the drinks flowing and doesn’t require much prep or materials. Great for your party or friends gathering...
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Drinking Card Games

Who woulda thought a deck of cards could do so much for a party or gathering. These fun drinking card games get people involved and are sure to provide a good time!


The Egyptians built some of the most amazing wonders in the world: the pyramids. Today we're going to do the same but on a simpler level with lots of drinking. Grab a deck of cards and some friends this game is lots of fun and keeps people guessing...
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Higher or Lower Drinking Game (High Low Drinking Game)

An adult take on the high low game. Fun to play with friends or at a party...
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Drinking Games for 2

Nothing like hanging out with a friend or a loved one. Now you can make it a little better with these drinking games for 2 that are a fun way to pass time and build connections.

Bus Driver Drinking Game

You thought public transit was bad, wait until you get on this bus ride. Fun guessing game with a high drinking factor that can be played with just a deck of cards. This bus driver is DRUNK...
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Beer Chess Drinking Game

Beer and chess together in a game, who would've thought of such a concoction? We did. This game is sure to challenge your chess skills while making all the players drink lots. Great for wasting lots of time and keeping the drinks going...
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All Time Best Fun Drinking Games

You've likely heard of these games in the past, and for good reason! These all time best fun drinking games earned their spots at the top as the best of the best and are sure to liven the party or gathering. 

Kings Cup Drinking Game

One of the more popular drinking games that can easily be played with a deck of cards. Who will be the lucky person to be awarded the king's cup with all its glory...
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Beer Pong

Possibly the most popular drinking game in the world, and for good reason. Show off your shooting and drinking skills while playing solos or teams to become the beer pong champion...
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Jenga Drinking Game

A grown-up version of Jenga that is fun and can get hectic when someone knocks over the tower. Simple and easy game to play with friends or at a party...
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