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Shots Drinking Games and Ideas for 2024

Please drink responsibly and save lives by choosing not to drink and drive!
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Most Popular Shots Drinking Games

The best rated shots drinking games in 2024. These games are proven to provide a good time when the shots come out!

All Shots Drinking Game Ideas

Our full list of shots drinking game ideas. Use these game ideas to make the transition to taking shots easier and fair (for the most part). Try out these fun shots drinking games and let us know which ones you like best!

I’m Going to the Bar

Players Needed: 2 or more
Great game to keep people awake and thinking. Memorization is key to success and knowing your drinks of course. This game will get the drinks flowing and loosen people up as the list gets longer...
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Best Sucker Challenge Drinking Game

Players Needed: 2 or more
Show off your sucking skills with this fun game, woah that came out wrong. Bring out the baby in you with this hilarious drinking game that is sure to get laughs...
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Quarters Drinking Game

Players Needed: 2 or more
Remember quarters, the game you used to play in elementary school? This is the grown-up version, so let us take a trip back to simpler times. Simple and easy game to play that doesn't require much prep and tests your shooting skills while using some creativity...
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