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The Hilarious Uno Drinking Game Extravaganza

by DrinkPlaysApril 1, 2023 
Last updated: April 1, 2023

Players Needed


Materials Needed

Uno cards (or regular playing cards as an alternative)

Unleash the fun at your next party with the hilarious Uno Drinking Game! Combine laughter and libations as you draw cards, reverse directions, and choose who drinks. Prepare for an uproarious night you won't forget!

Are you ready to laugh your socks off while enjoying a fun and spirited drinking game with friends? Look no further, folks! Introducing the hilarious Uno Drinking Card Game – the ultimate way to level up your party nights.

Setting up the game

Place the cards face down in a neat stack, like a sneaky surprise waiting to be unveiled.

How to play

One courageous player starts by drawing the first card, and the game proceeds clockwise. The card drawn determines who has the "honor" of drinking.

Bottoms up! You'll have to drink when:

  1. Your card has the same value as the previous player's card (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?).
  2. You draw the same color as the previous player (color coordination is key!).
  3. You draw a reverse card (surprise twist, anyone?).

If you're using regular playing cards, you can designate the Jack as the reverse card, adding a touch of royal flair to the game.

Draw a skip card, and you become the master of fate, choosing a lucky player to take a swig. With a draw-two card, the next player drinks up, while a draw-four card unites the group in collective tipsiness as everyone drinks.

The objective of the game is to survive the round without having to drink too much (good luck with that!).

How much you'll be drinking: Let's just say the Uno Drinking Game isn't for the faint-hearted. A bottle of beer can vanish faster than you can say "hiccup," and if you're playing with shots, be prepared for a morning-after headache of epic proportions. Just remember, almost every time a card is drawn, drinks are flowing, so stay hydrated, my friends!

Bring out the Uno cards, gather your buddies, and brace yourselves for a night of laughter and hilarity with this witty and uproarious drinking game. Cheers!