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Active Drinking Games and Ideas for 2024

Please drink responsibly and save lives by choosing not to drink and drive!
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Most Popular Active Drinking Games

Get people moving and grooving with these popular active drinking games. These games are great for getting the blood and drinks flowing when the party or gathering is slowing down.

All Active Drinking Game Ideas

Our full list of active drinking game ideas. These are some of the most fun drinking games you can play while getting people on their feet and moving. 

Jenga Drinking Game

Players Needed: 2 or more
A grown-up version of Jenga that is fun and can get hectic when someone knocks over the tower. Simple and easy game to play with friends or at a party...
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Civil War Drinking Game

Players Needed: 6 or more
A twist on the most popular drinking game beer pong. This game will get wild and crazy as people scramble to stay in the game to win...
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