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Medusa Drinking Game

by Emma Lily CarterApril 20, 2019 
Last updated: March 15, 2021

Players Needed

3 or more

Materials Needed

  • Alcohol
  • Shot glasses
  • Circular table
We all heard about the mythical creature Medusa, who turned men into stone if they looked into her eyes. This is something similar, well not really but you will fall over if things get out of hand...

How to Play Medusa Drinking Game & Rules

Pour a lot of shot glasses and place them in the middle of the table. Now everyone puts their head down and on the count of three, everybody raises their head and stares at another person on the table. If you stare at somebody who isn’t looking at you then your safe, however if you are staring at somebody else’s eyes then you must yell “Medusa” and take a shot - the same applies to the other person. Continue this until all the shots in the middle are gone.