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Mau Mau

by Emma Lily CarterJanuary 3, 2020 
Last updated: March 10, 2021

Players Needed

2 or more

Materials Needed

  • Alcohol
  • Deck of cards
Original Mau Mau provides a fun time. This Mau Mau game comes with rules for drinking, turning the popular card game into a fun drinking game.

Mau Mau is a highly popular card game played all around the world like the United States, Brazil, Poland, Germany, Austria, and the list goes on. Classic Mau Mau is very simple and easy to play so it only made sense that we convert this game into a fun party and drinking game.

For Mau Mau drinking game we have adopted and simply expanded the classic rules with additional rules for drinking. So not only will you have fun with Mau Mau, but you can also catch a buzz making the game that much more fun to play. 

Mau Mau Game Rules

Begin by shuffling the deck of cards thoroughly, and if there are more than 5 players it would be beneficial to add a second deck of cards to the mix.

Deal out 5 cards to each player and the remaining cards are placed face down on the table in a pile, the dealer reveals the first card. The player to his left starts the game.

The aim of the game is to get rid of all of your cards. If it is your turn, you can discard a card from your hand to match the card most recently flipped over or dropped by another player (same color or same card value). If you do not have a card that is the same color or card value in your hand then you must draw a card from the facedown cards pile.

In addition, different cards have their own rules. You should agree on these rules before the game so that there are no discussions later.

Mau Mau Card Rules

7 – The next player must draw 2 cards and drink 2 sips. Seven can be extended, so if another seven comes up after the initial seven then next person has to drink 4 sips and draw 4 cards, and so on until the last card dropped wasn’t a seven.

8 – The next player must draw 1 card and drink 1 sip.

9 – change the direction in which the game is being played (clockwise or counterclockwise).

Jack – The player gets to choose the color for the next card. In addition, he chooses a player who now has to drink.

Queen – All women drink.

King – All men drink.

Ace – All players except yourself must drink. The next player misses their turn.