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Civil War Drinking Game

by Emma Lily CarterApril 10, 2020 
Last updated: March 10, 2021

Players Needed

6 or more

Materials Needed

  • 12 Plastic Cups
    (16 oz)
  • Beer
  • Beer pong table or any long table
  • Three pong balls
A twist on the most popular drinking game beer pong. This game will get wild and crazy as people scramble to stay in the game to win...

How to Play Civil War Drinking Game – Rules

This game is sure to shake things up at parties. Every good party has a group of fun people with creative ideas. Every party usually has at least one type of drinking game going on. Either it is beer pong, flip cup, or kings. Well, here is a game that is in a way like beer pong, but gets your heart racing and blood pumping. It is called civil war.

Civil war is a game like beer pong, but it is a 3 vs. 3. Begin by setting up the table with each player getting two cups on their team’s side. Make sure you have 3 pong balls to play with for this game. Next, you fill the cups halfway with beer then flip a coin to see which side of the table starts with all three balls. The winners of the toss start the game off. With the two cups, each player essentially has two lives to stay in the game. Once one of the player’s 2 cups are gone they have to go sit down as they are eliminated. For this game there are no lines in which you can not go for a ball, if a ball is on the floor it is free game. Also, there is no order or turns being taken during this game. When you have a ball you shoot the ball. It is very crazy at first but this game works great if you want to get buzzed early because it gets your blood pumping while you are drinking.

I hope that you have enjoyed this new idea for a drinking game. It is a fun and simple creative idea for any party that wants to be a little different. I hope that you all have a smashing good time playing Civil War.