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Fun Christmas Drinking Games

by Emma Lily CarterMarch 7, 2019 
Last updated: December 15, 2022

Players Needed

2 or more

Materials Needed

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Bring holiday cheer to your gathering with these fun Christmas drinking games that are sure to entertain!

We usually spend Christmas with our loved ones because we look forward to the good times all year round! Another big reason is that we can get drunk early in the morning. It doesn't matter whether it's with grandma on the couch or with your best friend at the breakfast table. Alcohol is flowing always and everywhere. 

After all, a special holiday like this has to be celebrated! We've got your back and are sharing some of the best drinking games for Christmas. Spread some holiday cheer and get grandma or other loved ones involved!

The Santa Hat

Simple and easy to play, all you need is a Santa hat and a TV. Put the Santa hat on the corner of the TV and anytime someone on the TV looks like they're wearing the hat you drink. Recommend throwing on a Christmas movie for this game.

I Decorate my Christmas Tree

A Christmas variation of a classic drinking game. The rules for this Christmas drinking game are the following:

  • Someone starts by saying "I decorate my Christmas tree and hang on it: …" and adding what to hang on the Christmas tree. Example: I decorate my Christmas tree and hang on it: a star
  • Now it is the next player's turn and they must repeat the first player's sentence and add another item
  • Continue doing this until someone gets the saying wrong like forgetting a word or the order of items wrong
  • The person who messes up must drink

All I Want for Christmas is You

Another Christmas drinking game we cooked up based on Mariah Carey's hit song All I Want For Christmas Is You. A great drinking game without cards that is fun and easy to play!

The game starts with someone wishing another player a wish. For example, you can sing "All I want for Christmas for (name of another player) is that they kiss (name of another player) under the mistletoe!". If those two players kiss or make the singer's wish come true, then the singer must take a shot. However, if they back off, or don't make the singer's wish come true, then they must take shots!!

Christmas Choir Drinking Game

Christmas carols are important on Christmas eve and with this game, we created a drinking angle to get everyone involved!

The rules for the Christmas Choir Drinking Game are as follows:

  • The youngest player starts the game by singing the first line of a Christmas carol of their choice
  • The next player must now sing the next line of the carol and this continues with each player singing the next line
  • Whoever messes up and doesn't know the next line has to drink
  • The person who messed up starts a new song and the game starts over
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Circle of Christmas Drinking Game

Who's going to end up under the Christmas tree? With this Christmas drinking game, there isn't any bias! A variation of our popular Ring of Fire Drinking Game, this drinking card game is sure to provide a ton of entertainment.

The Rules:

Begin by shuffling the deck of cards and placing them face down into a closed circle with everyone sitting down in a circle around these cards. Each player takes a turn drawing a card and must follow the instructions associated with that card before the next player draws a card:

  • Ace: Merry Christmas! Everyone must start drinking at the same time, you get to choose when to stop then it is the next player's turn going clockwise. This continues until the last player
  • Two: Gift any player a large sip of their drink
  • Three: You get a Christmas present; take a sip of your drink
  • Four: Santa Claus is coming, quick all women drink
  • Five: It's a Christmas party! Everyone drinks
  • Six: The Christ Child is coming, quick all men drink
  • Seven: You get to choose a Christmas Elf. The Christmas Elf must now drink every time you drink
  • Eight: Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer makes an appearance. Everyone has to make antlers on their heads using their hands. The last person to do so becomes Rudolph until the next eight is drawn. You or any other player can get Rudolph to drink by singing "Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, won't you take a drink tonight"
  • Nine: Time for a Christmas poem. You start with a Christmas word then the next player going clockwise has to rhyme another Christmas word, and now the next player has to rhyme with this player's Christmas word. This continues until a player can't think of something at which point that person has to drink
  • Ten: You have to pick a Christmas category then going clockwise each player has to say a word that fits the category you picked. Whoever can't think of anything has to drink
  • Jack: The Grinch makes an appearance so everyone has to hold up three fingers. Start by saying "I've never..." and something you've never done. For example, I've never seen Santa. If any player has done this or seen Santa in this example, then they must drink and put a finger down. Now the next player says "I've never..." and something they've never done, keep going until all fingers are down
  • Queen: The Christ Child asks "Were you good?". Start by asking the person to your right any question (we found intimate questions to be fun here). Your neighbor has to answer honestly or they must drink. Continue going in the circle with each person asking their neighbor a question until it comes back to you
  • King: "Ho Ho Ho!" Santa Clause makes an appearance and gives you authority to make a rule. This rule has to be followed by each player until the game ends