Material Needed:

  • A deck of cards
  • Any kind of alcohol
  • A big cup (The King’s Cup)

Setup and some rules:

The King’s Cup goes in the middle of the table and cards are shuffled then dealt around the kings cup in a circle. Each card has a different rule attached to it and each player has a turn to draw a card. According to house rules the game ends when either the king’s cup has been consumed or the last card has been drawn.


Card Rules:

(Same rules for all suites, we just used Hearts for illustration purposes)

Waterfall – everyone starts chugging at the same time. The person who picked up the card can stop whenever they want then the next person has the same option and so on until the last player
The classic "you" – pick anyone in the game to drink
Me – the person who picked up this card has to drink for three seconds
Four for whores – all the ladies have to drink
Jive – whoever picked this card has to bust a dance move then the next person has to add onto it and so on until someone messes up and they have to drink
Dicks – all the guys have to drink
Heaven – Everyone has to point to the sky and the last person to do so has to drink
Mate – whoever picked this card gets to choose one person that has to drink every time they do
Bust a rhyme – the person who picked this card has to say a word and the next person has to try to rhyme with it. This goes on until someone cannot think of a word that rhymes
Category – the person who picked this card chooses a category. The next person has to say something that is relevant to the category that the first person picked and this goes around until someone cannot think of something. A good example is sex positions
Thumb Master – the person who picked this card is now the thumb master. Until somebody else gets a jack they can put their thumb anywhere on their forhead at any time and the last person to do the same has to drink
Question Master – whoever picked this card is the question master. Until somebody else picks a queen – they can ask any question and if someone answers them they have to drink
Make a rule – the person who picked this card can make any one rule and it has to be followed until someone else gets a king. Whoever breaks a rule has to drink. The first three people to get a king have to pour their drinks into the cup in the middle. The last person to get a king has to drink the middle cup.


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