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How to Play Civil War Drinking Game – Rules

This game is sure to shake things up at parties. Every good party has a group of fun people with creative ideas. Every party usually has at least one type of drinking game going on. Either it is beer pong, flip cup, or kings. Well, here is a game that is in a way like beer pong, but gets your heart racing and blood pumping. It is called civil war.

Civil war is a game like beer pong, but it is a 3 vs. 3. Begin by setting up the table with each player getting two cups on their team’s side. Make sure you have 3 pong balls to play with for this game. Next, you fill the cups halfway with beer then flip a coin to see which side of the table starts with all three balls. The winners of the toss start the game off. With the two cups, each player essentially has two lives to stay in the game. Once one of the player’s 2 cups are gone they have to go sit down as they are eliminated. For this game there are no lines in which you can not go for a ball, if a ball is on the floor it is free game. Also, there is no order or turns being taken during this game. When you have a ball you shoot the ball. It is very crazy at first but this game works great if you want to get buzzed early because it gets your blood pumping while you are drinking.

I hope that you have enjoyed this new idea for a drinking game. It is a fun and simple creative idea for any party that wants to be a little different. I hope that you all have a smashing good time playing Civil War.

How to Play Beer Pong – Setting it Up

Beer pong setup with 6 cups on each side of the table in a pyramid shape with the tip pointing to the opposing team

Place 6 plastic cups on each end of the table in a pyramid shape as seen in the above image with the base towards you and the tip facing the enemy player/team, you can use more cups if you want to increase the drinking factor. Fill your cups with your alcohol (normally beer) up to the line inside the cup, or about 30-35%.

If you are playing in teams of two then each player gets 3 cups out of the 6 so when your 3 cups get sunk you drink and if your partner's cups get sunk then they drink. You can decide on how to do the split, the easiest way is one person gets the diagonal line and the other player gets the mini pyramid left. Alternatively, you can both drink for each cup that gets sunk - whatever floats your boat.

Fill the bucket with water if you have it, this bucket will be used to clean the balls before players shoot – this step is optional.  

Best Beer Pong Cups & Balls

Picture of blue HEXCUP product, these cups are the best for playing beer pong

Best Beer Pong Table

Picture of black beer pong table with 6 balls and a folded version of the table

Beer Pong Game Rules

Deciding Who Goes First

The team to shoot first is decided by a successful shot. You must shoot at the same time as the opposite team’s player while maintaining eye contact with them, and the one to sink it gets first shot (no points are gained for this shot). If both players sink a ball then you continue to shoot until one misses or a tie is broken.

Playing Beer Pong

Your job is to sink all of the opposing team’s cups before they sink yours. Shots are taken by both players on one team before the opposing team gets a chance to shoot and the sunken cups must be picked up and drank right away. There are a few rules when playing:

Players should alternate who drinks what cup. For example, you drink the first cup that is sunk and your partner drinks the second then you drink the third and your partner drinks the fourth. If a player misses the table when shooting they lose their next turn, however if nobody calls them out before they shoot in their next turn than it counts as a real shot.

When you get down to four cups rearrange them into a diamond as such:

4 red solo cups in the shape of a diamond

If team A sinks team B’s last cup then team B gets to shoot a redemption shot, if there are two players per team then both players get one redemption shot, and if they manage to sink the ball then the game continues normally and the last cup is left on the table for team B. If team A sinks another ball after the redemption shots then the game is over and team A wins.

Some tips:

Jenga Drinking Game Rules

A simple adaptation of the skill game with wooden blocks. This Jenga drinking game has a twist though: if you cause the tower to topple, you must finish your drink. The same regular Jenga rules apply with regards to how you can pick the blocks and whatnot.

How to Play Drunk Jenga

Using the sharpie write down rules on various blocks so when the person removes that block they or everyone (based on the rule) have to follow/perform what the block said. You can make this a team effort with people writing various rules. Here are some ideas for drunk Jenga:

You can get very creative with these rules, just hope that your not the one who picks that crazy block! Remember, the person who knocks down the tower has to finish their drink and set up the tower again.

How to Play Flip Cup Drinking Game & Rules

Image taken from https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Flipcuppers.jpg

Flip cup is a race game. Teams are made of 4 or 5 people and each person gets half a cup of beer, or two shots of liquor (in the red plastic party cup).

There are two teams and players stand with their team on one side of the table and their contestants on the other side. The game begins with a countdown and the first two contestants must finish their drink and flip the cup by putting it at the edge of the table and using their fingers to get it to flip face down. 

Once you have successfully flipped the cup, your teammate can now start drinking and flip their cup. The first team to flip the last cup wins the game.

Optional (more drinking):

Instead of one cup, every person but the anchors now gets two cups. The game begins the same way, however, the person at the end of the table is now the anchor for their teamThe anchors for each team get double the beverage in their cup (to make up for the two cups), but only have one cup each. The game begins the same way but once the anchor finishes flipping his/her cup the game does not end, the person before them now drinks the second cup and flips it over face down, and the next player goes and does the same. The game ends with the first team to flip all their cups face down.

How to Play Bite the Bag Drinking Game & Rules

Hilarious drinking game which is even more fun to watch. Begin by placing the brown paper bag on the floor. Players take turns trying to reach down and attempt to pick up the bag with their mouths. However, the rule is that the only thing allowed to touch the ground is your feet and the only thing allowed to touch the paper bag is your mouth.

Whenever anyone fails they must chug a beer or take a shot. To make things more interesting, after every round you can make the bag smaller by cutting off an inch from the top and playing again.